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    Continual Engineering

Employee Continuing Education:
Provide an In house, internet based structured engineering continual education program for Engineers in Training.  Provide assistance in the professional development of employees in preparing for the FE Exam and PE exam.

Employee registers on EITexam's website. Show Registration Form .
Employee reviews EITexam's engineering study materials.
Employee reviews test scheduled.
Employee takes tests.
Employer periodically reviews employee's test results and study progress.

Study Materials:
EITexam's engineering study materials are made available to employees via the internet. The study materials are for the general engineering subjects and engineering disciplines. For more information (tutorial, and description) about EITexam's study materials and tests, please visit our home page. Visit Our Home Page .

Scheduled Tests:
Periodic timed tests are scheduled to evaluate employee study progress and performance. Employee test results are recorded to a Company Account in EITexam's database. Scheduled test questions are randomly generated from EITexam's collection of over 5000 problems associated with the general subjects and disciplines. Automatic E-mail notification to company personnel can be provided when an employee completes a scheduled test. Show Sample Test Schedule

Company Account Access :
Access to Company Accounts in EITexam's database is via the internet by company personnel. Company accounts are password and key code protected.  Show Sample Account .

Charges for establishing a Company Account are as follows:
        One time account set-up fee - $1000
        User fee - $100 per user.
        Account renewal fee - $100 per user for every 6 month period.
Example: The cost to set-up and establish an account for 10 users would be:
$1000 + 10 ($100) = $2000. The cost to renew this account every 6 months would be 10($100) = $1000.

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