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Recent Site Updates

Date Description
2/16/2012 Changed fee to $40/$60 for 3/6 mo access.
10/31/2011 Site transferred to PPI
10/29/2011 Site updates/error corrections
10/14/2011 Posted sold notice
10/3/2011 Changed fee to $15 or unlimited access to 10/31/2011
9/27/2011 Error Corrections
9/7/2011 Error Corrections
6/16/2011 Change fee to $25 for unlimited access to 10/31/2011
5/6/2011 Error Corrections
4/1/2011 Error Corrections
3/20/2011 Addressing Civil structural analysis moving loads
3/3/2011 Error Corrections
2/25/2011 Font Review - Only some downloaded fonts can be read by Firefox and Google Chrome
2/2/2011 Study Guide - Updated format for some Calc Probs.
1/27/2011 Study Guide - Heat Transfer/Convection/Heat Ex 2 - Added 10 problems
1/19/2011 Study Guide - Heat Transfer/Convection/Heat Ex 1 - Added 10 problems
1/12/2011 Study Guide - Environmental/Water Treatment/Filtration - Added 10 problems
1/6/2011 Study Guide - Environmental/Water Treatment/Electrodialysis - Added 9 problems
1/4/2011 Increased fee to $20 for 3 mo and $60 for 6 mo (sorry)
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