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Problem 1

Evaluate the following integral.

a)  y = x3 + 0.5x2
b)  y = 125
c)  y = -122.5
d)  y =112.5

Problem 2

Determine the maximum of the function y = 3x2 - 4x + 9.

a)  + Q  
b)  2/3
c)  function has no maximum
d)  7.666

Problem 3

A car weighing 15 kN is traveling at 100 kmph as shown in the figure below. What is its kinetic energy?

FE Exam EIT Exam Prob 1

a)      590 kJ
b)   1,170 kJ
c)   6,684 kJ
d)        18 kJ

Problem 4

A block weighing W, is at rest on an incline as shown in the figure below. What is the static friction force F, acting on the block? (Note, m is the coefficient of friction)

FE Exam EIT Exam Prob 4

a)  F =  Wcosa  
b)  FWtana  
c)  FWsina  
d)  FmN    

Problem 5

In the x-y coordinate system shown below, what is the distance between the points having coordinates (7, - 3) and (10, 27)?

FE Exam EIT Exam Prob 5

a)  30.15
b)  26.89
c)  34.48
d)  33.00

Problem 6

A  2.5 cm diameter by 25 cm long steel rod is shown in the figure below. When the rod is placed under a tension force of 110 kN, it elongates by 0.025 cm. What is the strain in the rod?

FE Exam EIT Exam Prob 6

a)  0.020
b)  0.001
c)  0.010
d)  0.005

Problem 7

A mass of 10 kg exerts which one of the following forces at sea level?

a)  98.07 kN
b)  98.07 N
c)  44.48 N
d)  44.48 kN

Problem 8

One gram-mole of an ideal gas at standard temperature and pressure occupies which one of the following volumes?

a)  22.4 liters 
b)  1 liter
c)  357 ft3  
d)  1 ft3 

Problem 9

Relative to electrical circuits, Kirchhoff's Law states: 

a)  The electrical potential equals zero at any point in a closed loop.
b)  Current flow in equals current flow out at any point in a closed system.
c)  Inductance is inversely proportional to the frequency.
d)  Electrical potential equals current flow times resistance.

Problem 10

How much energy does it take to heat 1 kg of water from 33 deg F to 34 deg F?

a)  0.556 J/sec
b)  1.000 btu
c)  1.000 kcal
d)  0.556 kcal

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Quick Quiz 1

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